Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best National School In the Country
Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

The Best National School In the Country
The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

Mathematics Department

The department is headed by Department Head Mr. John Murithi

Other Teachers in the department include:

  1. Mr. John Murithi                   -  Department Head
  2. Mr George Njoroge               - Deputy Principal (Discipline)
  3. Mr. Ndungu Gatheru             - Maths/Phy
  4. Mr. Kibanya Kamau                - Maths/Bio
  5. Mr. Jamlick Njiraini                  - Maths/Phy
  6. Mr. Kibanya Kamau                - Maths/Phy
  7. Mr. Mwedia                          - Maths/Chem
  8. Mr. Gitonga                         - Maths/Chem
  9. Mr. Aete                             - Maths/Phy
  10. Mr. Samuel Karanja               - Maths/Phy
  11. Mr. Kelvin Nyamamba             - Maths/Geo
  12. Mr. Wanjau                          - Maths/Business
  13. Mr. Mathenge                      - Maths/Phy
  14. Mr. Vedesio Ngari                 - Maths/Phy ( Form Master - Form 1)


Memory Boosting:

How would you feel if you were able to recall everything you have ever learnt in any class, names of everyone you have ever met, and events you have ever experienced and their dates? Perhaps that will never happen. It’s because we are bound to forget some information. As human beings we lose memory. But as students of Kagumo High School, can reduce memory loss because I know we are able to. Memory is the ability to recall information about past events or knowledge. Everyday, you process and put information into your memory in coded form, just use a computer. Your mind maintains this coded information and  retrieves it when need arises. And as a student, may be it will be during examinations.

Memory is divided into two: short term (also called working or recent memory) and the long-term memory. Short term memory recovers information of recent events where as long-term memory is concerned with recalling the more distant past.

we can make it one of your academic goals to enhance your memory. It can be done. At Kagumo you will be regularly required to walk through your memory so as to retrieve and provide information that was stored a while back. This can happen during examinations, class exercise, when rehearsing for a play or chorus or some other event that requires you to remember data.

 This year, we can embrace the following ways of enhancing your memory.

 1.  Pay keen attention

     Always have an attentive state of mind when learning something new. Pay attention to details and

     become part of learning process. Focus on what’s being said or what you are reading.

2.   Spark your interest in a subject

     It’s easier and more interesting to remember a subject that you are interested in. Get down to know

    most interesting facts, details in stories about a given subject.

3.   Avoid distractions

      Distractions will keep you from paying attention and if you are not careful, they can cause you to    

      miss out on great opportunities to learn.

4.   Stay Alert always:

      You can’t remember effectively if your try to learn . When you are tired, worried, drowsy, upset, 

      hungry or overfed! Don’t consume a big meal. Just before you sit down for serious study. This sends

      blood to stomach to help within digestion and away from your brain where it’s needed most

      especially during mental exercise.

5.   Integrate activity with study

      As Kagumo High School students, we should actively participate in learning process that is : taking 

      notes, asking questions; where possible take breaks to rejuvenate your body.

6.   Organize information in Easy-to-Remember formats.

       It’s so hard to remember isolated and unconnected facts. Be organized in your studies, take notes,

       and file them neatly. Keep and file all the examinations and CATS neatly in a file. This will make            

       future references easy. Avoid clutter.

7.   Put it on paper

      When you write information, you reinforce learning as you use both your eyes and hands. Writing is    

       physical and enhance learning and therefore memory.

 8.   Students learn to recite

       Recitation improves your memory as it helps you to encode materials into your own words, but

       don’t cram.

9.    Practice

       Practice makes perfect; all learning activities requires repetition. To master a given skill, you need to      

       do  it over and over again. Don’t do it only once!

10. Review content often

      The more often and sooner you review your work, the easier it is for you to remember it. Re-

      acquaint yourself with what you have learnt in school before you are required to recall it. Read as

      often as possible while putting in summary all you have read.

11. Be self-motivated and driven

      Even the Holy Bible tells us to work on everything as if we are doing it for Christ. Indeed we are. 

      Work with passion expecting to be fruitful.

Kagumo Boys’ High:  Your Success, your Responsibility; your success is our Responsibility.

Mr. J. Mureithi

HOD Mathematics  Dept


Quality Assurance

This department is one of the most senior departments in the school. It was created with the aim of promoting academic performance in the school. The department comprises:-

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Why we Do well

  1. Organizing Academic clinic 
  2. Extra teaching and supplementary exams 
  3. Recognition of high achievers 
  4. Grouping students 
  5. Setting school, class and individual targets 


They once declared that as much as our future is uncertain it is wise to endeavor in a business that you are proud of. A four year journey through the four blocks of this prestigious institution has granted me a chance to endeavor in what I derive my pride in; knowledge. In all its avenues I have gained it and can proudly declare myself a gentleman of consolidated intellect. Brian Mwangi - School President



Our Values and Principles

Values and principles

The mission and vision achievements will be guided by the following values and principles

  • Fear of God
  • Justice
  • Discipline
  • Hardwork
  • Respect
  •   Responsibility
  • Self esteem


Islamic Society

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful;

Aslam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu….

 As Kagumo Islam Society Members, we thank the Kagumo fraternity for their support and also grateful to our teachers as they have tolerated our schedule in prayers and also the administration for supporting us.   By: Chairman of Islamic Society – Abdi Qalaq Mohamed.