Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best National School In the Country
Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

The Best National School In the Country
The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

Applied Department

Applied Department consists of the following sections:

 1. Business Studies    - Head of Section (Ms Julia Kirubi)


2. Computer Studies - Head of Section (Mrs Alice Maina)

3. Agriculture           - Head of Section (Mr Karuri)

4. Art and Design     - Head of Section (Mr Isaac Nyawito)

5. Music                  - Head of Section (Mugo)

The Department is Headed by a Department Head Miss Julia Kirubi

Here we have a variety of subjects for candidates to choose from. This performance can be attributed to a lot of things including:

  1. Support by the administration by always availing the required resources to run the department as the need arises.
  2. Timely completion of syllabus in each level
  3. Intensive revision and assessment especially in the form IV class “project”
  4. Teamwork and dedication to duty by all teachers involved. This has enabled thorough preparation of candidates before they sit for KCSE each year.

Our Students are well motivated as they choose their preferred applied subject.

As members of this department, we are confident that we will continues registering good results even in the near future KCSE Exams.

~May our Loving Father grant us the wisdom and strength to achieve this objective. ~

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They once declared that as much as our future is uncertain it is wise to endeavor in a business that you are proud of. A four year journey through the four blocks of this prestigious institution has granted me a chance to endeavor in what I derive my pride in; knowledge. In all its avenues I have gained it and can proudly declare myself a gentleman of consolidated intellect. Brian Mwangi - School President