Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best National School In the Country
Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

The Best National School In the Country
The Best Boys School in Nyeri County



In every establishment, there is a place of work, a place of retirement & finally a place of feeding. Here, we have not one but two d-halls. This mighty establishment is located at the metaphorical base of the school, sustaining not only students but also teachers. Its prime and sole purpose is providing that drive required to keep the school up & running.

We, as the catering department work diligently to avoid failing the school as one of its desideration. We do our best and strive to meet the most demanding of scenarios and hence we sacrifice a lot for the school. On school expeditions that return late night, our cooks wait up for them to ensure that they do not go to bed on an empty stomach.

We also try to lessen the time the students spend in the d-hall & with the new hall, this has now been transformed from a dream to a possibility. The food served over here is always a balanced diet to maintain the students’ health.

It’s my prayer that this school will scale to greater heights in curricular & co-curricular arenas. Our contribution may seem little but I believe it’s magnitude, is undisputed.

                                                                                                                        Cateress .    

Quality Assurance

This department is one of the most senior departments in the school. It was created with the aim of promoting academic performance in the school. The department comprises:-

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Kagumo High School - Nyeri

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Why we Do well

  1. Organizing Academic clinic 
  2. Extra teaching and supplementary exams 
  3. Recognition of high achievers 
  4. Grouping students 
  5. Setting school, class and individual targets 


They once declared that as much as our future is uncertain it is wise to endeavor in a business that you are proud of. A four year journey through the four blocks of this prestigious institution has granted me a chance to endeavor in what I derive my pride in; knowledge. In all its avenues I have gained it and can proudly declare myself a gentleman of consolidated intellect. Brian Mwangi - School President



Our Values and Principles

Values and principles

The mission and vision achievements will be guided by the following values and principles

  • Fear of God
  • Justice
  • Discipline
  • Hardwork
  • Respect
  •   Responsibility
  • Self esteem


Islamic Society

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful;

Aslam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu….

 As Kagumo Islam Society Members, we thank the Kagumo fraternity for their support and also grateful to our teachers as they have tolerated our schedule in prayers and also the administration for supporting us.   By: Chairman of Islamic Society – Abdi Qalaq Mohamed.