Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best National School In the Country
Position 18 in the country - 2017 exam

The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

The Best National School In the Country
The Best Boys School in Nyeri County

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Dear readers

I would like to welcome you all to the Emerald family. It is our obligation to bring out all the virtues and principles that this great institution stands for. The Emerald magazine™ is the official magazine of Kagumo High School and we are now on our third edition. With this edition expect entertainment, fun, inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Last year was a great year for this great institution as we marked our 80th Year of existence. For eighty years we have proved our worth as a centre of excellence and prosperity, churning out thousands of students who go on to dominate the world indeed Gentlemen of consolidated intellect.

 Molding visionary leaders and agents of change we pride ourselves in. In this edition we bring you the intrigues behind the astronomical success this institution enjoys. Get to learn of the various departments that make this institution what it is. Also expect to get to get a word from our dear principal, hear from Trevor, the student who broke all barriers and conquered in last year KCSE. We also have an exclusive interview with our first Deputy Principal himself as he shows us the side that more often than not we never get to see. Also inside is a breakdown of last year’s KCSE performance which was a record performance for this institution.

Brace yourselves for the epitome of creativity and brilliance as students display their skills in writing and their perfection in art. Lined up are also a number of brain-teasing and thought-provoking activities that shall put your mind to the test in a classic fusion of fun and intellect. Expect this and much more in this edition as we bring you the best and nothing short of the best. Hope you shall all enjoy a read through this magazine.

Yours Truly

M .J. Mukui    

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They once declared that as much as our future is uncertain it is wise to endeavor in a business that you are proud of. A four year journey through the four blocks of this prestigious institution has granted me a chance to endeavor in what I derive my pride in; knowledge. In all its avenues I have gained it and can proudly declare myself a gentleman of consolidated intellect. Brian Mwangi - School President